Welcome to Birb


Welcome to Birb. Birb is a decentralized Hyper Deflationary coin that has one goal in mind, to become a feature-rich and useable cryptocurrency aimed at rewarding holders. Our team of developers decided unanimously to create BIRB on the Binance Smart Chain. This will allow us to take advantage of extremely low transaction costs which is what we need to make BIRB a truly useable and rewarding currency.
Birb is designed to be friendly, fast yet will have all the features and developments to make it a big contender in the cryptocurrency world.
Below you can view some of our unique and upcoming features.


BirbSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) where anyone can easily swap one token for another without identifying or personal information. Not even your IP address will be logged when using BirbSwap. The beauty of a fully decentralized exchange is that there is no personal record or information of any trader.

Birb Gaming Portal

By using our gaming portal HOLDERS will have the opportunity to earn extra BIRB tokens which will be very rewarding.

Birb Lottery

With the BIRB lottery users will be able to purchase tickets to win a big NEST (pot of coins). Lottery will be designed to be completely fair and give everyone an equal opportunity to win.

Birb Ecommerce Payments

Soon you will be able to accept $BIRB on all popular ecommerce platforms, including the darknet. Payouts will also be instant with no waiting time.

NFT Marketplace

The Birb NFT Marketplace is coming soon. Our team of artists will create memorable NFT limited edition collectable digital artwork. We also welcome any artist able to create amazing artwork to add to the BIRB marketplace.

Birb Voting

BirbVote is a decision-making platform where the community gets to vote on upcoming features and developments. This will offer a balanced and non-biased voting platform so that large holders cannot influence the votes in their favor. Members can participate by voting for development ideas or any proposal that may require access to the development fund.
To avoid abuse by spammers a minimum balance of 50 BIRB is required to participate in voting.

Social Sending

Easily send Birb Cryptocurrency to anyone on most social media platforms even if they don’t have an account yet. Platforms include Twitter, Twitch, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, Tiktok, WeChat and more.
All Popular Platforms. We believe this will be a crucial step that will further expand the uses of BIRB in all popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram, Whatsapp, Discord and more.
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