DBIRB Tokenomics

Below you will find the tokenomics details of DBIRB..
Name: Diamond Birb
Symbol: $DBIRB
Mint per block = 1 (1 Token per block, approximately 28,240 per day.)
Current initial supply = 20,000,000 (DBIRB/BIRB Pool, Liquidity, Farm and Pool Rewards).
Initial price of token 100 DBIRB = 1 BIRB (This will change depending on trades).
Tax = 0%
Maximum wallet hold = 25,000 DBIRB
DBIRB was created as a reward token for farms and pools. The team decided BIRB (our main token) will be used for our upcoming voting and governance. All utilities and developments will be connected to BIRB. DBIRB will be used as a reward token for farms and pools.

Emission rate

Emission/block (DBIRB)
Emission/day (DBIRB)
Every week 90% of the emission will go to farms and pools. 10% will be burned.

BirbSwap Swap Fee

Swap fee is 0.15%. 0.08% will be Returned to Liquidity Pools in the form of a fee reward for liquidity providers. 0.03% Birb Treasury, 0.05% Sent towards biweekly buyback and burn (We will buy BIRB token and Burn it)